Writing To Capture Your Reader’s Attention

On the Internet the audience can move away from your words with a click of the button so you need to be focused and on target. You can’t take time for a slow buildup or meandering discussion. If you (the writer) do not seem to be delivering the goods then the reader will simply move […]

Write About Situations You Encounter In Your Life

Occasionally there are things that happen in life that seem unfair and very underhanded. You can take those events and use them in your stories to enhance what you are having your characters experience. This will make your story more believable and many people will be able to connect with your character(s) and what they […]

Becoming A Writer

This process is not unlike becoming a butterfly.  The caterpillar transforms in the cacoon. The time it takes to develop can be from a few weeks up to several years. When the time is right the butterfly emerges.  When a new author, performer or a star arrives in the public awareness they are referred to as an […]

Get Your Holidays Writing Ready

In your family, you have a collection of stories about your history and about the things that were important to you through the years.  This is a great time to begin to collect those stories as you are spending time together during the holiday season.  Gather, edit and put into a collection of your family […]

Writing-Finding Inspiration In Amazing Places

Go on a treasure hunt through one of your favorite books.  Look for riveting first sentences, outstanding adjectives and physical descriptions.  See what it is about these things that caught your attention and take some notes about how you might use these strategies in your own writing.  Inspiration is all around us but unless you […]