Writing To Capture Your Reader’s Attention

On the Internet the audience can move away from your words with a click of the button so you need to be focused and on target. You can’t take time for a slow buildup or meandering discussion. If you (the writer) do not seem to be delivering the goods then the reader will simply move […]

Writing Criticism-How To Handle It

When you first start to write, you might be nervous about what other people will say about what you have written.  After all we never liked to get our papers back in school for fear that we might not get a good grade or that others in our class might see what grade we got […]

Discovering How to Write is an Amazing Gift

Everyone of us has a story that we need to share with the world.  You owe it to yourself and all the rest of us waiting to receive the gifts of your skills and expertise, to stop holding back and truely commit to the success that abides deep within you. There is nothing like having […]