Creative Writing Ideas Are Everywhere

This time of the year creative writing ideas are everywhere. From  cooking highs and lows to shopping adventures to visits with friends and family to touching stories you either remember or can see happening in the world around you. No limits here to things to write about so get those pencils sharpened-do finger exercises so […]

How to Have Endless Creative Ideas Using an Ideas Journal

Every creative project and every invention ever brought into being began with a single idea. Without ideas we have no raw material to work with, no starting point, and no hope of being creative. By using an Ideas Journal you can help yourself have a steady stream of new creative ideas, and the more you […]

Creative Writing- 3 Key Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Creative Writing Potential

A great number of us have creative writing talents far greater than we realise. But despite this, most of us simply aren’t writing creatively anywhere near as well, as much, or as often as we could be. Why is this? Surely if we truly want to write creatively it’ll just naturally flow? There are many […]

A Change of Writing Pace

Have you ever had someone in a relationship suddenly begin to act in unusual ways toward you without any explaination?  Working backwords, you might be able to identify the roadsigns where the relationshiop went on the detour.  Write that information down and give yourself an opportunity to see if you might be able to use […]