What Was That Word You Wrote?

Many words do not sound like they are written.  If you put the phonetic spelling as well as the word it will help your reader follow your story line. Ex: Challis  (shall lee) Plisse  (pla say) are 2 types of Fabrics. Someone who sews would probably know how to say the word, but not always. […]

The Explaination For Ditzyfritzing

I have taught adult education for many years and in one class I had a lot of the students who were fooling around, chatting and not getting their work done.  I had tried all of the usual encouragements for them to get back on track and go back to their project and nothing seemed to […]

Writing About Weather Adventures

Have you ever heard the phrase “Baby, it’s cold outside”?  It brings up for me lots of cold and sometimes very cold memories.  I grew up in Montana in the north eastern USA close to the Canadian border.  The coldest I can remember is 70 degrees below zero.  While that might not  be as cold […]