How to Have More Creative Ideas Simply by Using Your Senses

Ideas are the starting point for all creative projects. No ideas means no creativity! So here’s a very effective way of using your senses to give you a plentiful flow of new creative ideas: It’s all too easy to forget we have five senses (at least!) through which we experience the world. Our senses are […]

Writing-I Think I Can

When I was growing up we used to see a story about a little train and the words that I still remember are I Think I Can.  The story had to do with a little  engine going up a hill and struggling to get there but continuing to try. If you think about it water […]

The Joy Of Reading

I have always enjoyed reading.  There is so much to choose from out of the topics that I commonly want to add more to my knowledge base about. I really like the diversity of the approach to the information and frequently find that I can improve my use of the topic information by adding sometimes […]

Number One Writing Tip-Learn To Write When You Are Excited!

How cool is this to get such a nice compliment on my article The best writing advice ever told is writing about what you know. Yes, the best advice is writing what you are passionate about, you know, what really excites you. I hate to write when I am bored. I know or suspect the […]

Writing News Flash

Everyone thinks that their problems are unique. They take them in, internalize them and fester on them. They must be unique because if they weren’t they could just find out what someone else did to fix it and do that. As we grow up we are programmed not to talk about our problems and hence […]

Get Your Holidays Writing Ready

In your family, you have a collection of stories about your history and about the things that were important to you through the years.  This is a great time to begin to collect those stories as you are spending time together during the holiday season.  Gather, edit and put into a collection of your family […]

Writing About Your Approach To A Topic

Everyone has a different way to write based on personal experience and topic preference.  That is why you see so many subjects that have books written about them from a variety of authors.  It is important to be true to your writing skills and cover the topic from your experience and expertise.  Your reader that […]

Stretch Yourself as a Creative Writer

Being a good writer means that you can take just a few stories and turn them into many stories just by changing the way you write about the subject matter.  What you add or subtract from the content you have in front of you to give it a new twist.  Change a story you have […]