Topics To Write About

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy.

As you look around you, there are unlimited topics to write about that are just waiting for your opinion to be expressed. Over the past few days it seems like more ideas and things to write about came as a result of watching movies and relaxing.  That is because when you relax, it gives the right brain a chance to pop in with content that you are not able to hear when you are in left brain, have to get it done, life mode.

See if you can find even 5 minutes to jot down the ideas you got. You can always add them to the “I’ll get back to finishing that later”  file. If you do not jot the idea down, when you do have time and want to recall the idea, it will be gone. So, capture it while it is fresh in your mind so you will have it later.