Understanding Of Your Explanation Missing?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

People learn in different ways so if the reader is missing the content of your explaination you can explain it in another way.  People are visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic (feeling-senses) learners.  Try to include each of these learning methods in your copy so all of the learning styles can connect with your writing.

Someone who is a visual learner will respond to words that are visual like see, look at, watching and observing.  Someone who is an auditory learner will respond to hear, sounds, volume level, audios and talking.  A kinesthetic learner will understand how you feel, want touch, how something feels and texture words like smooth, rough, sharp and cold or hot. 

Try sentences that can appeal to each of them like: Going behind the scenes of this event, you can see that this ice sculpture is very detailed and as you touch it, it is very cold and smooth. You can hear the crackling as the ice sculpture artist is working to meet the event opening and the sounds of the set up for the display as well as those of the tools being used to create this beautiful piece of ice art.  I know the artist is feeling stressed at the moment but will experience immense satisfaction when the event opens and they hear the comments of the viewers of the exhibit. They always take pictures so they have the memories of their accomplishment before the ice melts and the sculpture disappears back to a cold puddle of water.

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