Using Both Sides Of The Brain To Write

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

When you are writing it is important to use both sides of the brain.  Getting the creative idea and then using the logic side of the brain to explain the details of the story can make your stories more believable and more engaging to the reader.

Lean too far to the right and creative side and the story starts to wander all over the place.  Lean too far to the left and logical side and your story takes on too many boring facts and becomes more difficult for you to write.

So how do you find a balance?  Usually you can tell when the story seems to wander and there is no sequence of events.  You might be coming in the door and in the next paragraph eating dinner.  Well, what happened between these two events? 

On the other hand you could give so many details about the events between the door and eating that the reader says alright already let’s get on with the story. 

Just read over your story line and see how your events flow together and you will immediately improve the quality as well as the content in your story line.