Utilize Your Creative Writing Strengths

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

You can utilize your creative writing strengths in determining what kind of writing you enjoy and are good at doing.  You can be a writer without being a master or expert in your subject matter. Great writers don’t need a phd or take classes in an online school to write about their topic. If you limit your understanding of what it means to be a creative writer or being an author you may feel stifled.

Start with what you know and like.  Add your experience about those topics.  Add experiences of others with your topic.  You see it can expand quite fast if you are not having to come up with some idea out of thin air.  Often I see new writers get stuck in that –I have to out of the air compose something and then be good at it before I can share it with others.

You are sharing  from: what you like, what you know about the topic, your experience with the topic and how others might enjoy knowing about your topic and using your approach to using your topic.  This quick formula can assist you over and over when you feel stuck.  Write it down and keep it handy to remind yourself that  you are sharing your experience about something not creating the next better mousetrap or whatever widget you think is going to be the next raging success.

When you can take the pressure off of yourself and just share it is easier, more fun and so much more creative not to mention productive for you.  People want to connect with you and your experience not some automated message that is canned and not very interesting.

The common questions about do you know about this___, what do you know about it____, how have you used it_____,what did you think of it______and would or what part about it___could you recommend  to me will get you to a finished story quite quickly.  Of course, you can add personal stories about your experience when using____or a testimonial from someone else about what happened to them____and that always enhances your connection with your reader.

Informative quality content is always in high demand from readers who want to connect with someone who can deliver added value information to them if you are in the non fiction arena and in the fiction arena, it will add to the believability of your characters and story line. Where ever you want to write, this method can be applied to enhance your ability to share and connect with those readers who are your reader base.  Spend time in your area and improvement will be obvious to you very quickly.

Ahhh, the satisfaction that can bring to you.  When you tap into that writing from your creative strengths will be sooo easy for you to do.