Weather To Write About

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing, How to Start Writing.

The weather is making headlines all over the world.  From very difficult situations to very wonderful situations, we have the opportunity to watch and experience the changes the weather brings to us each day.

For me, it has been much colder than normal and I have been moving things so the extra clothing required to stay warm has been quite interesting. 

As you know, when you are moving and active you are warmer.  When you are still, you are colder.  Adjusting to the level of activity and the amount of clothing needed to remain comfortable while I have been completing this task has been at times funny and at times quite annoying.  Thankfully, I could layer the clothing and monitor the task activity level.

Find a weather event and see if you can write a short story about the details and your experience.