What Was That Word You Wrote?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing, How To Improve Your Writing.

Many words do not sound like they are written.  If you put the phonetic spelling as well as the word it will help your reader follow your story line. Ex: Challis  (shall lee) Plisse  (pla say) are 2 types of Fabrics. Someone who sews would probably know how to say the word, but not always. Genre (john rah,what the different types of writing are called)  is also one of those words.

When I was in high school my mom worked part time at a fabric store.  They had a huge sale going on that was going to be over at the close of  business that day. About five minutes before the store closed a lady came rushing in the door asking for the sudden buckle.   Mom thought a few seconds and realized the lady was looking for a fabric called suddan boucle (boo clay).  She was able to show the lady the fabric, help her pick out what she wanted and cut it off the bolt so the customer could have the sale price.

Had she not been able to convert the words the lady was speaking it would not have turned out well for the customer. So do what you can to help your reader follow your story.