When Others Take Credit For Your Writing

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Protecting What You Have Written.

When someone else takes credit for your writing, there are things that you can do to enforce your ownership of the written work and your copyright.  If this is happening on the internet, contact the owner/webmaster of the site and ask them to fix the oversight.  This will usually accomplish the end result you are looking for as most webmasters just need to be informed.

If after you contact them and no action has been taken within 48 hours, contact the site’s ISP/Host and ask them to enforce their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).  This information can usually be found by doing a WHOIS lookup on the domain name for the company that is the site’s hosting provider.

If you have written an article, you can also contact the article directory and inform them about what is happening.  Repeated violations from the same site or person, can cause the person to be refused access to the article database.

It is our responsibility as authors to take action against those who abuse our copyright and use or take credit for what we have written.  That is why I am providing you the steps for how to do that.  I hope you never have to use this information, but if you do it will make the process much quicker and easier for you.