When Was The Last Time You Said “I never thought about it that way”?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

The opinions of others sometimes sparks in us “I never thought about it that way”.  When you can look at what you have written or what others have written in an objective manner it will really help you grow as an author. 

Lots of opinions are available for you to consider.  Choose one that you could easily write about and see how that feels.  Then pick one that is not so easy to write about and see where you are getting stuck.  This will let you gather information about what is getting in your way of writing about that topic.

Use this information to increase your ability to write and create characters that are believable to you when putting that character’s opinion or perspective  in context in your story.  Their perspective does not have to agree with you personally.  See how being objective no matter what the topic can enrich your skills in writing.