When Writing-Are You Trying To Over Deliver?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Increase confidence in your writing skills.

If you can get started with your simple outline and create what intent you want your information to achieve, you can see if the intent and the copy are matching up.  It is like seeing an apple on a bowl of oranges.

When first starting to gel an idea for a book, there is often alot of extra information you write down that does not add to what you want the final outcome to be.  At this time, it is better to just write down the thoughts and the information and collect your data so you can edit at a later time.  Then you can really evaluate what is adding to your content and what is subtracting. 

Just do it, get all of the apples and oranges together and separate them later when you are closer to deciding on the exact content you want to include.

Who knows, you might have 2 books instead of one.  All of the apple thoughts and all of the orange thoughts could possibly result in two different approaches to the same basic overall writing objective. Each is a viable way to present the information and will appeal to different readers.