Write a Message Your Reader Can Connect With

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing, Increase confidence in your writing skills, Make Money With Your Writing.
Income Increases As Readers Who Connect With You Increase

Amount You Are Paid Increases When You Start Sharing Your Knowledge

Writing is a way the the author and the readers connect with each other over a message. If an article, eBook or book’s message is strong enough and is shared by many, it can create change. If they like your writing style they will want to read more from you.

There are many people who would be willing to pay you for your point of view, problem solving steps and encouragement.  It usually starts small even though everyone thinks they are writing the next best seller.

Each of us has a learning style or preference and look for other people who share the same learning style so we understand what they are talking about. Having knowledge about learning styles will help you:

  • determine what your style is
  • learn how to communicate with others who share your learning style
  • connect with a reader base who like to learn from you

You will only know if you begin and give it a try.  Why not start today?