Write About “My Car Needs What?”

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy.

As you have had your car serviced you may have had the person at the service desk come to you and tell you that your car needed ____________repairs and your cost to have this done would be___________. Sometimes they tell you that the repair needs to be done immediately or_______.

Write a short story about if this has happened to you and what you decided to do. Your story could be humorous or a drama depending on what happened to you

It will also give you the steps that you go through to decide on things that need to be done to maintain your car and sharing your written list could help others in evaluating so they just get what is needed instead of many additional items that were not needed.

I always value information that someone who is knowledgeable gives when what I need the information about is not something that I know much about. Having expert resource information has saved me a considerable amount of money and kept me from having totally unnecessary repairs.

Make your list-Share it with others if you are in the know and ask lots of questions if you are the one who is asking for help.

It can also be a good idea to get a second opinion when this happens unless you are really confident in your repair facility.