Write About How You See Life

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy.

Each person has a different perspective about life and makes decisions about how happy they are based on those perceptions and decisions.

Find a subject or topic you like and write a short article about why your view of the world is the one everyone should follow. This type of writing will give you a debate perspective and your objective with that is to convince your audience that your perspective is correct and they should change their mind.

Then, for fun, see if you can write about why this perspective is wrong and people should not follow it.

You can learn a great deal while doing this type of writing and in sharing both sides of the subject matter.  See where points from each side could be put together to form a new way of looking at life and creating a new perspective that would work better for anyone who might want to accept the combined perspective.

As usual, have fun and keep your writing interesting to you as well as to your reader.