Write About Memory Flashbacks

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Increase confidence in your writing skills, Memories to write about, Where to Get New Story Ideas.

I recently went for a walk in the new area where I live to see some of the sights that were near my new home. Coming to a field of grass and clover, I had a flashback to lying in a field next to my childhood home.

It was a beautiful summer day and I was enjoying the day contemplating the wind in the grass while listening to the family laugh while mom finished getting the picnic ready.

This was a happy memory of spending time with the family and the fun we had that day. It would make a great beginning to a story that could be shared with the family.

Memories of events have great value for your documentation of your family history. When you have a memory, start to write about it as if you were still there experiencing it.

When and where might you have a memory from the past that you can begin to write about?