Write About Whose Side You Are On

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

There are two sides to every story so in order for you to give the most to your reader explore both sides to the experiences you are sharing. Let your reader choose the side they want to be on.  We can only give the information and then take a hands off approach.  Your reader will make the final decision. 

For the side that you prefer to be the one they choose, it is up to you to give the most in depth explanation so your reader can join with you.  Being believable with your writing is the key to that. 

If you were ever in debate club in school or knew of others in your class who were, you might remember that you were not always in favor of the topic you were assigned to defend and had to spend some time researching to be sure you had enough facts to actually defend the topic.  Well, life is very much like debate club.  We are always faced with topics that we need to research to be able to make a decision if they are accurate and apply to our lives or not.

If you make looking at both sides of a story fun, it is easier and quicker to get to the decision point regarding the information you are presented.  If you can do that in your writing, your reader will stay engaged with your content and continue on to the next chapter.  Creating curiosity is another way to keep a reader engaged, but, for now just apply the gathering information on both sides of the story and begin to apply that to your writing.  Your story  lines will blossom and for the characters in your non-fiction work you will be able to create very interesting plot twists.