by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

If you are spending a lot of time writing and tweaking what you wrote you may be trying to use the left brain which is quite difficult to do. It sets up your inner critic and analytical functions of the left brain and you will write, erase, write, tweak and on it goes with feeling like you are being contained when you are trying to get those words to flow so you can finish your writing project.  This type of writing is good for technical data, statistics, any type of documentation you might need to cover and topics that require your analytical ability to write and review the material.

I am suggesting that you try a different approach when you are telling stories.  Spontaneous writing comes from the right brain–what I call your inner author.  It flows, is easy to do, is fun and full of good content.  You will have your writing project completed quickly and the readers will enjoy what you have written about the topic.

These ideas are quick thoughts that you will need to capture as they pop into your mind and you become aware of them.  Carry a notebook so you can jot them down as you think of them.  Later you can go back and add more to the topic.  Your key is to capture the insight you received in the thought.

You will notice an amazing difference in writing with the left brain and writing with the right brain.  Choose which side to use by the content you are trying to write so it will be easier for you to do.