Writers Choose Their Words

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

Writing is about choices in the words we use or leave out as the story or event unfolds.  You can choose your ideas and what combination of words you will persue with your written communication.  That is what makes it so much fun.

Words are descriptive in the way they convey the information so the more descriptions, the better and more interesting the writing.  To add spice to your words, you need to add feelings or emotional content with your words to get your reader involved with your story.  Choose your words carefully so you don’t let them get in the way of the message you are telling by diverting the readers attention away from your topic. 

If you have other opinions about your topic that do not directly relate to the outcome you want to achieve with what you are writing or provide good stimulation for your reader to consider the other points of view presented, you need to put them in another article or story.  Then your reader does not wonder aimlessly through your writing and get confused with too many points of information about the topic that do not seem to add to their discovery or allow them to form an opinion from the information you presented.  The moment the reader has to work at the words on the page is when the reader loses interest in what you are writing.

Write for yourself and not to impress others.  You will discover that people connect with you and your consistency in the way you do things, talk about things or write about things.  It adds value to them when you are believable.  So what words do you frequently choose that make you believable?  Are there any words you might want to choose to leave out of your verbal and written communication?