Writing About Family Stories

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about.

During visits home for the holidays or at reunions, many of the pleasurable moments are in sharing about the family stories.  Find time to record what you are hearing being shared so you can build on your family history and experiences.  Keep those in albums or memory books so they can be passed down to your younger family members.  Sometimes you can have information filled in that you personally did not remember by others in the group.  This can add alot of richness to your memories and the time your family spends together.

Occasionally, someone will remember something that is embarassing to you.  They seem to enjoy bringing those stories up when they know you would rather not have that time shared to the group.  You can change what was remembered by gathering the same story from other members and rewriting the details of the embarassing story by the addition of the new information.  Over time the new story will be remembered and the old one will fade from family memory.

Have the time you spend together recorded to share at a later date so your time together will continue to be one of joy and laughter in your sharing experience.  Memories can really add to your life.