Writing About Perfect Moments

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about.

I really enjoy listening to or reading about people talking about special moments in their lives. Most everyone has special memories that they reflect back on in times of plenty or in times of difficulty.  Athletes train for hours, months, years–all in search of the “zone”.  Philosophers ponder for years to come up with life’s answers or lack thereof.  We all wait for that moment of ah ha that leads us to greater understanding and peace of mind.  We are all in search of that perfect moment when everything is in alignment–our relationships, our health, our happiness, our finances. 

While we are busy waiting I think we often miss the revelations that every moment is perfect.  Now you might be saying wait just a minute—what I am having happen is not a good thing, how can it be perfect?  In the larger picture how do you know it is not a good thing?  I have had some amazing things come out of situations that, at the time, I thought were close to the worst things that had ever happened to me.  As I look back on them now, I would not be where or who I am today if they had not happened.  And, I’m still here, alive and writing to you on this glorious day.

Look back in your life and over the last few months and see if you can write about happenings that occured that had a much different outcome than you might have ever dreamed while you were in the middle of the events.  Use this as a way to encourage yourself that you were strong enough to go through it, you have an amazing set of experiences that you can write about that might help others going through similiar things and that you were courageous enough to get on with your life. 

Using the old adage make lemonade out of any lemons, (taking what appears to be a negative experience and turning it into something where I can grow and get on with life) I can say I have a cookbook filled with recipes for every type of lemon combination possible.  I’m sure you have quite a good set of recipes too.  I’m encouraging you to share through your writing.  I might just need one of your combinations to get through the adventure I am currently in and don’t have a solution for just yet.  You could save me alot of time in trying to discover how what is happening could possibly be a perfect moment and turned into an experience that would benefit me and others too.  I might even discover that it will be one of my favorite recipes for something lemon and seen as positive rather than negative.