Writing About Unexpected Events

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing, Increase confidence in your writing skills.

I have been visiting in a northwestern state in the USA in late November.  The weather reports have been up to 40% chance of snow off and on for the past few days.  Today it has started to snow and is coming down quite quickly so, of course, all plans have to change to accomodate the unexpected event.  (We never get too serious until it actually starts to snow.)

This kind of thing can be a wonderful gift when you are writing as your story can take all kinds of twists and turns that add spice and interest to what you are writing.  Try adding unexpected events to what you are telling in your story and see what you get.  They can add or sometimes subtract from your story, they can create a diversion for your characters and put in some detours to what your reader was expecting and can take your reader on a totally different road. 

All additions about unexpected events can give you practice in enriching your story and plot.  The increase in your story telling and writing skill will be of great value to you in your writing career.