Writing-Are You Wearing Out Your Eraser?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.

When writing, it becomes apparent when we are going through a challenge putting the words on paper.  Before desktop publishing, word processing programs and spell checkers many times it was the eraser that got the most action.  Or you might have been around someone who cut paragraphs apart to rearrange them.  The action you may have seen depends on your age and those who were around you and how much of a perfectionist they were at getting their work completed.

Did you take on any of those skills yourself?  I know I had a great deal of input about the way things should have been done and many comparisons with others.  And of course, grades.  Those rascal grades were enough to make even the most laid back person become more of a perfectionist depending on your teacher or classmates and your level of competition.

In order to begin to write or improve your writing skills it becomes important to set aside some old programming and that yucky perfectionism.  Writing is about sharing not about being perfect.  Your opinion about an event and the label you put on it or rated it at has nothing to do with the next person who might pick up your work to read it.

If they can read your work and enjoy it or learn something from what you wrote then you did your job at communicating.  Leave the eraser behind and stop highlighting and deleting if you are on the computer and see if you can just share from your heart about an event or happening in your life.

Many people say now a days  you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it started and I will add finished.