Writing Can Equal Remembering

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about, Where to Get New Story Ideas.

Whenever you are going through old stored things that you haven’t seen for awhile you find written items. It can be  correspondence in the form of old letters, job reviews, invitations, newspaper or magazine articles or a variety of other documentation.

Some of these items can bring back many memories both good and bad.  You might not want to remember the grades you got in the 7th grade but your mom saved the report cards and gave them to you along the way.

On the other hand you might be delighted with a newspaper article about something you really were, at the time, interested in pursuing.

For example: My father’s ranch in Montana was the type site for the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  That means it was the first full Rex skeleton found in the world.  Recently I found an old National Geographic that had a long wonderful article about the discovery and process.  I also found a newspaper clipping about when my mother found a large number of Triceratops fossils.

As a small child, I wasn’t aware of many of the details but found them quite interesting when I read about them as an adult.  I do remember the paleontologists that came every summer.  We used to call them the bone diggers.  They had such cool tools and were so patient in uncovering the fossils. 

Now, you find something that has been put away for awhile and see if you can bring back some memories worth remembering.  You might even stir up a renewed interest in doing something about the information you uncover.

Will I get something going in fossils and dinasaurs?  Probably not, but, I can get the bones I have to the nearest museum so others can enjoy them.