Writing Criticism-How To Handle It

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing, How to Start Writing, Increase confidence in your writing skills.

When you first start to write, you might be nervous about what other people will say about what you have written.  After all we never liked to get our papers back in school for fear that we might not get a good grade or that others in our class might see what grade we got and that has carried over into every area of our lives.

Being criticized is just a way of life.  It happens every where.  From how we dress to how we write to how we do a job and I could go on and on about the places it pops up.  Some comments are constructive but most are not.

However, you just have to muster up enough courage to begin to write down your stories and ideas. The world needs new ideas and problem solving solutions.  Who knows when what you have to say might be just the answer for many many others.

Inside of all of us is a deeply ingrained fear that the bigger we get, the more popular or noticed we are the more we will become a target for criticism and the world throwing out “pot shots” about us whether they are true or not.

The news is full of comments about what others are doing.  Never mind that they failed to get the facts or tell the truth.  The more outrageous the news the more the papers or magazines will sell.  Look at the paparazzi storms around people.  No wonder we do not want that to be a part of our lives.

Again, you just have to gather up the courage and begin to write.  Some will like your work, some will not and SO WHAT?  They did not have your experience, did not feel what you did and there will be enough that will like what you have done to keep you wanting to write more.

Take the points out of the writing criticism that will help you improve your writing and ignore the rest. If it helps great, if it does not help it is just someone who is jealous that they are not writing too.  Their resentment and anger is about them not about you.  Be good at sorting what is really applies to you. There are many who want the credit without doing any of the work.

Be glad you are willing to write and put your work out and keep doing that.