Writing Do Overs

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Increase confidence in your writing skills.

When you think of writing do overs what usually comes to mind is re writing your material or starting over from the beginning.  Take a step back from your work and relax your inner critic and see if you really need to do that or if your inner critic is just waving an unnecessary flag. 

Also, if you set your writing aside and go back and read it at a later time it gives the analytical side of your brain some distance and often the urge to do your writing over will not be something you want or need to do.  It is just so easy to fall into the self evaluation and self judgement trap, so do what you can to give yourself every opportunity to appreciate what you have written.

By all means, if you do need to re write you can, just don’t do that unless doing so would really enhance your topic.  Send you inner critic on a vacation and you will find it much easier to sit down and enjoy your time of writing.

To get additional information about possible writer’s blocks you might be encountering make a list of things you have noticed which subtract from your enjoyment while you write.  You will discover more about what your common blocks are and how you can get through them so you can be more productive.