Writing For The Fun Of It

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about.

Years ago, before the Internet, writing letters was a very popular form of communication. People looked forward to receiving letters from their friends and family. The longer the letter, the more fun it was to enjoy the information that the other family member or friend was sharing. I remember that in our family we selected to do a chain letter so it went from one family member to another family member to another family member all round the circle until it came back to our house as we were the ones who started it. We quickly added our events and happenings and sent it around in the circle again. That time of sharing became one of my most cherished family memories.

By the time the letter got back around to our family, there were so many things that had changed in the activities that we were involved in that it gave us an excellent point of reference for how much we had accomplished.

In addition to letter writing, many people like to journal or write in a diary. If this is a form of writing  you prefer, check back through your writing and see what kind of stories you can share with others about the events that were going on in your life at the time that you wrote the information down. 

You can add great content to the stories that you are writing and have a lot of fun doing it. Take events and happenings in your own life and put those into your stories. You do not have to use your own name or identify the event as something that happened to you if you choose to keep that information anonymous. Just have great fun doing it and enjoy the sharing.