Writing-Is It Hard Or Easy?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.

What do you do when you find yourself trying too hard to write and the page remains blank?  There are a few easy ways to spot what is happening to you.  In the middle of trying to over effort to complete the task stop and see how you are approaching your writing.

Give up the urge to expect yourself to know it all, have it all or look like you do.  Also on that list will be things like I am too busy, have too much to do and am not able to make the time.  Trying to wait until you can be the best or be perfect and then write the perfect story will keep you from actually doing it when you push yourself into that corner. 

Then the left brain logical side starts to figure out how you can write, get every detail correct and perfect and come out like the expert.  Very difficult to do or have fun doing.  If you let your inner author help and that part is in your right brain, writing will flow easily, let you communicate your idea or story to others in a believable way and most important be fun.  You really have to give up that I have to be perfect before I can write kind of thinking.

When you feel resistance to not doing your best or operate in fear that you might not do your best and something might happen that would embarrass you or make you feel inadequate it stops everything and after some time creates guilt that you have not done anything.  A merry-go-round that you want to stop riding and as quickly as possible.

Think of a idea or topic and what you know about it, your experience using what you know about it and some results you want to share with others and you diffuse the needing to be right and just allow yourself to share.  A very different experience that you will see unlock the door to your being able to share with others in writing.