Writing News Flash

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Make Money With Your Writing, Where to Get New Story Ideas.

Everyone thinks that their problems are unique. They take them in, internalize them and fester on them. They must be unique because if they weren’t they could just find out what someone else did to fix it and do that.

As we grow up we are programmed not to talk about our problems and hence the same situations/challenges (that all human beings face) become personal.

Remember I keep telling you to write out what you did to solve the problem you faced and be willing to share the steps and results with others so they could get to the solution more quickly.

It’s just that you think you are the only one going through problem xyz, that no one else would want to know what you did and you might be embarrassed if they found out you had that problem. 

Even through we all feel that our problems are unique to us, they are in fact a problem that everyone faces at some time in their life. If you can solve your problem and move yourself closer to your goal, then you have created a solution to a problem that millions of others also have and will gladly pay money to read, learn about  or give their attention to.

Ex: Have you ever had the experience of telling someone something and when they explained your problem back to you, you were excited because this person truly understood what you were experiencing and feeling?

They are really willing to listen to you then when they feel like you understand them.  They will become one of your readers because you are helping them with an answer.

News Flash:  Stop thinking you are the only one going through situations in your life and focus on looking for and sharing with others your steps on solving those issues we all face.

Write and share and enjoy the profits you will make by being willing to do that.