Writing Secrets To Increase Productivity

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

Write in a conversational manner and take frequent breaks while you are in the creative mood.  Your thoughts will be able to bubble to the surface where you can capture them and put them on paper.  Being sure you are breathing and occasionally taking a few deeper breaths will clear your mind and release the tension in your body.  This will allow you to be clearer on what you are writing as well as refine what you have already written in your earlier writing sessions.  The concepts will go together better when you have a few minutes away from the content and things that are inconsistent will be easier to identify.

Save editing your work until later.  For now, just continue to write the content that is pertinent to the topic you are covering.  If you are having trouble following your words, so will you reader so see where you begin to feel bogged down and change the content in that area.

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