Writing Services

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

There are many types and subtypes of writing services to choose from when you decide you want to become a writer/author.  Decide which area suits you best and begin to explore the options in that area.  Ex: script writing  Explore the areas where scripts are used: writing for movies, television or theater would be the places to start to research how your skill could be used in that area. Then make it even more specific as to the type of writing within that area.

Continue to search until you find an exact area where you can experience contributing something you have written.  You will begin to identify if the area you are trying to work in is a match for you and your level of skill.  If you need to get additional training to improve in the area of your choice, you can locate the exact type of training you need to improve in your area.

Narrowing the focus will help you to find the area that is a match for you.  Keeping your search too broad will have you trying to go in too many directions and that wastes your creative energy.  You will hear of this process of narrowing your focus referred to as drilling down, chunking down, bite sizing, refining and other references to moving from a larger to smaller areas of selection.

Select one area at a time to review and if it is not something you really enjoy when you reach the final specific area then try researching in a similar area with a slightly different end point.  This will allow you to use the bigger area topic and all of the research you have done and fine tune to another part of that larger area.

It is very much like deciding to move to a state, then choosing a city in that state, then an area of that city until you find the area that suits you best.  Writing can really show off your skill if you will fine tune your final type of writing to a general area then a more specific area that really showcases you and your ability.  Make it fun for yourself as you discover the area of writing services you want to offer to your readers.