Writing System Ideas

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing, How to Start Writing.

Are you wondering WHERE the writing results you want are and what’s taking so long for your written work to start paying you? You might just need a reminder:  The day you plant the seed (got an idea about a topic you wanted to write about) is NOT the day you see growth or for sure not the day you eat the fruit.

So many new writers (and seasoned writers too) are in avoidance and denial-not beginning to write, not continuing to work on what they are in the middle of writing and not getting the manuscript or stories finished. The biggest hindrance is not getting any help when stuck. The I don’t have to check my grammar or have help in editing what I have written syndrome. I’ll get back to writing that last chapter later but why isn’t my royalty check in the mail today?

We are conditioned through the media that everything is supposed to happen miraculously quickly in our lives. The I wanted the results to be here yesterday with no effort kind of thinking.

Whoa. Slow down for a second! You need a new strategy if what you have done in the past is not working for you.

So how do you stop the avoidance and denial of not getting your writing done?

Most people set up completely unrealistic expectations of what they are capable of or how long what we want to do will take. When our initial efforts don’t meet those grandiose self-imposed expectations quickly, they begin to go into a place of doubt, worry, fear and then inevitably, resentment and anger.

If ever you get caught up in “Why isn’t this happening?”, getting into a place of self-doubt or blaming the process, remind yourself you are in charge of starting and completing your written material and when you do the project advances and the results start coming.

You are ultimately responsible for your own successes, your actions, and most importantly how you see your own progress and success. You create your results. A person coming from a VICTIM point of view will always see fault in the process. You will recognize this by the excuses that you have for not writing and not completing your written projects based on things you claim are out of your control.  A person coming from a VICTORIOUS point of view will always see opportunity, no matter what’s in front of them.

Understand that the seeds you plant (your written material) take time to grow (be completed, sold in bookstores or online). Just as you wouldn’t rush Mother Nature and expect a tree to grow in one day, blaming the process of nature for being too slow, is unrealistic. Tend to your writing seeds. Understand that different plants sprout, grow and produce fruit at different paces. Do everything that is required of you, and then get yourself in a place of POSITIVE EXPECTATION. That place where you begin to have your writing published and readers who enjoy your communication and written work. And even checks for your written work.

OK, you’re in a place of positive expectation, but you don’t know where to start with the writing? Then it’s time to take action and invest in a step-by-step writing system that will feel easy and authentic to you. The Accelerated Creative Writing System avoids all the unnecessary stuff and gives you the most important things to do to find your topic, get help from a coach if you need it, determine if writer’s block is in your way. From idea to published articles, ebooks and books. It’s all step-by-step. So, you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. Find out how in the Accelerated Creative Writing System.

If you want to write but are not sure what kind of writing you want to do you can get help with trying out many different types of writing to find your favorite type. 57 exercises that are simple, quick and produce immediate feedback to you about the type of writing asked for in the exercise can be found easily at Creative Writing Strategies.