Writing-The Effect Of Your Words On Your Readers

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

Every word you use in your stories has an emotional effect on your readers.  Good writers understand the effect of their words and choose them with laser accuracy in order to elicit the response they want.  One very important bit of information is regarding the use of the word can. 

The word can has no emotional or persuasive force.  It suggests maybe or there is a possibility.  It can also communicate to your reader that your character needs to do something for the result to happen or only if something happens will the character get the result you are suggesting in that part of your story line. 

Yes, your character can do something, but will they.  An even deeper suggestion is it indicates to your reader why should they believe that the character is going to follow through. It sets up a questioning of the outcome which reduces the effect of your story.

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