Writing To Preserve Your History

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about.

As we look around us, if we look closely,  it becomes apparent that things have changed over time. To look back in the history of our family or our country it becomes even more apparent how much change has occurred.  Some families have a person who keeps a formal record of the happenings in the family.  Other families just have a word of mouth system and tell the stories they remember when they gather at reunions or holidays in more of an informal manner.

Think about what happens in your family and who is the one who remembers the most stories of family events.  It can be fun to contact that person and get up to date on what the family has been through over the years.  Those stories can be written down and given to other family members at your next event and are priceless treasures.

My grandfather grew up in the horse and buggy days in the United States of America.  In his lifetime he saw the invention of the automobile and the first trip to the moon.  That is quite a span of events and technology. My he had stories that he shared about how the changes he saw in his lifetime  impacted him and his choices he made in  every area of his life. 

Because in my family they were family shared stories and kept informally we never wrote them down.  Now it would be something that could be used for some very interesting stories that many others could enjoy.