Writing-Try Another Ending

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This is a sample of one of the exercises to help you find the type of writing you like ex: do you like drama, comedy and/or another type. You can find more exercises to help you  at http://www.freecreativewritingstrategies.com in determining your favorite writing type and how to become more creative doing that type of writing.

Try Another Ending

When doing creative writing, have several different endings you might like to choose from after you complete your main writing section.

Read each version of your story, check to see which ending you resonate with most.  Do this several times.  Choose the one you like most and then put the other ending(s) in a file for possible use with another story at a later time.

Also, begin to collect topics that would interest you enough to write about them.  Add any notes about them that might
help you get the idea for your stories started quickly enough that you can grab one and begin easily.

Use these files for days when you need an inspiration jumpstart. Then look through your endings file and see if you have the ingredients to put together a complete story.

Often stories are re-written with a different ending and it creates an entirely new story.

If you would like to get all of the exercises in a workbook format so you have a place to write out the exercise under the directions go to http://creativewritingstrategies.com Having the information together is a great way to sort for your style.

Rate how you liked the type of writing on the page so when you see you gave one writing exercise  only a 3 star and the next one you gave a 4 star you have the information about your response to that exercise and style.  If you do not keep track at the time you do the exercise, over time you will not remember how you felt in your response as you were writing.  Evaluate for was it hard to think of something to write. Was it fun. Did you enjoy writing in that style, etc.