Writing With Fresh Eyes

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy.

When you think about a topic that you usually write about, try to present it from a different angle so you can give it a fresh approach. You will discover new things about the topic that you have missed out on because of being familiar with your old way of communicating about the subject. It can be fun and exciting to see the new information pop in and may give you as well as your reader a new way of thinking about the topic.

What you want to avoid is people saying to you”Oh, I already know about that” when you are presenting new information to them. This often happens because you continue to approach the topic in the same way and when you have a new insight, they pop into resisting your new information because they think you are going to repeat your old information just by your approach to sharing with them in your old way.

Make them curious about what you have discovered by using a new method of sharing with them. There are so many new ways to do that today with the technology that is available. If you usually share with technology, how about writing the information down and sharing by card or letter?  I know you will think of something that is different from your usual way of doing things. You know yourself best when it comes to the ways you have shared in the past.

So, change it up and deliver your content in a new way and have fun doing it while you are exploring new choices. If we get bored, so will our readers and they will appreciate your new approaches. Look around you, fresh ideas that will make your reader look at your content with fresh eyes, are everywhere.