You Are Already An Expert With Your Writing

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.


You are already an expert because you are the only one who has your insight about the subject you want to write about.  You are the only one who has had your experience.

Start by getting a collection of ideas together that interest you.  Collect as much information as you need to give you the volume to select from for the starting draft.  Begin to write and as you do you will find what you need to add to make your approach clearer to you.  You do not need to use everything you collect.  Just have it on hand to draw from as needed.  At this point how many chapters will be decided as you continue to write.

You will have your approach to the information you are writing about by adding your thoughts and insight.  It is amazing how a different approach to a subject can give you and others inspiration about the subject.

You can add or subtract as you would like.  The important part is that you begin.  Leave the evaluation about the material out of the picture.  Your job is to write your thoughts down as completely as possible.

As you have your material separated into parts, which we will call chapters, you will begin to get a better picture of how long your book will be when finished.  Start to label the chapters with appropriate titles to help your reader define the direction you are going with this part of your material.

The most important thing is that you begin to write.

When you are ready to gather everything into your final draft and finalize your material use this format as a suggested approach:

To begin to organize your material into book form:

1.    Have friends read your material and give you their insights about how the information impacted them as they read the chapters. Have them write 1-2 sentences. This can be at the beginning of the book if you choose to use them. 

2.    Then you will place the title page. 

3.    Next, the dedication page.

4.     Followed by the table of contents. 

5.    Some like to add a forward section where you have a testimonial from another author/ or person about your writing and what their thoughts are about how the material will impact the people who read it.

6.    Some authors will do an introduction section letting the reader know what they hope to achieve by presenting the material and why they chose to write about the subject.

7.    Follow by the chapters you have written.

8.    At the end of your material you can put in your resources as a whole or by chapter.

9.    If you have used stories or data from other people you will want to put in their permission.

10.  Other offerings if you choose to have them to offer to your readers.

You can choose to self publish or send your manuscript to publishers.