You Have Got To Get Off Your Duff And Start Writing

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing, Increase confidence in your writing skills.

You have been saying for a long time that you want to write.  Get going!!!  If you are on overwhelm there are a gazillion resources that I have provided for you. If you are not using any of them shame on you. 

You either are going to write or you are not.  If you do not follow through stop talking about it.  You are just frustrating yourself and everyone else around you.  When you do not follow through on your dream you are also  sabotaging yourself with other things so stop trying to sink your creative ship. 

If you have even 5 minutes you can begin and even sell your work.  Use the right side of your brain and just start jotting down ideas like you are doodling. 

If you are trying to put an idea down and explain it right away your left brain is getting in the way and that is why you are experiencing writing being hard.

Writer’s block, feeling stuck about what you want to say and just not doing it are just barriers you must break free from.  I have given you lots of ways to do that so NO EXCUSES.  I want to see your written work out in the world this year. This is the year  for you to start. Get going, don’t look back, some will like what you write-some won’t-so what?